How Ridoc got it's groove back (and moved from NC to FL)

But I bought my Ridoc Wraps in North Carolina. I'm confused."

We get this a lot... and understandably so. Our Ridoc Wraps have been imitated by many, but none have come close to match our exceptional materials, durability, and design. That's why you want to know you're getting the real deal

Yes, you are correct: the company you bought your Ridoc Wraps from years ago, was based out North Carolina. But we are now the official company of the Ridoc™ brand, even though we're not technically the same company you worked with in the past.

Ridoc Enterprise, Inc. LogoRidoc Enterprise, Inc was founded by Evon Morrison in Dunn, NC and was the original company behind the Ridoc Wraps, as well as Ridoc Satin Wraps, Satin Bonnets, Satin Pillow Covers, Smocks, Apron, and more. However due to the nation's economic downturn, Ridoc Enterprise, Inc was forced to make the difficult decision to close in 2014. 


Ridoc LLC Logo

A few years later, Evon and Donald Morrison proposed that their youngest son, Brian Morrison, take up the Ridoc™ brand. Brian had been living in Florida, working in customer service and entertainment divisions for The Walt Disney Company. So in September 2016, with a new business plan centered around e-commerce, Ridoc LLC was founded... in the Sunshine State.

As you can see, the Ridoc companies are intertwined. But most importantly, Ridoc™ continues to be the same family-owned brand you've come to love and trust.



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