Ridoc Wraps are a success because of customers like you

Wow, thank you for making our first 6 months back in business so incredible!

Frankly, I'm still in shock with how quickly our Ridoc Wraps™ are flying off the shelf. The entire Morrison family owes you a debt of gratitude – because without you, we wouldn't have been able to bring the Ridoc Wraps™ back.

My mom (Evon, the original founder) and I were just talking about how well Ridoc™ is doing. Oh, she's just over the moon! This is her baby... we'll I'm her baby 😁 (the youngest of two, to be exact). But she spent years developing and refining the Ridoc Wraps™ into the product you see today. A lot of long hours and late nights went into crafting the hair wrap that would become our staple product.

The Ridoc™ brand means the world to us. But do you know what means even more? You. Because of all of our loyal fans, we're confident that we can keep the Ridoc™ brand going for years into the future.

Phew, enough of me being sappy! Let's wrap this up, shall we?

Thank you for being awesome. Check us out over at ridoc.com. And feel free to post or message me at facebook.com/ridoc, even if just to say hi!

Have a great Monday evening!

Brian Morrison



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